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+ "unable to make sense of the file %s\n"
+ "Warning: cannot open configuration file %s\n"
+ "Error parsing config file\n"
+ "incompatible options %s and %s\n"
+ "Sorry - no support for alternate systems compiled in\n"
+ "Man was compiled with automatic cat page compression,\n\
+but the configuration file does not define COMPRESS.\n"
+ "What manual page do you want from section %s?\n"
+ "What manual page do you want?\n"
+ "No entry for %s in section %s of the manual\n"
+ "No manual entry for %s\n"
+ "\nusing %s as pager\n"
+ "Error executing formatting or display command.\n\
+System command %s exited with status %d.\n"
+ "%s, version %s\n\n"
+ "Out of memory - can't malloc %d bytes\n"
+ "Error parsing *roff command from file %s\n"
+ "Error parsing MANROFFSEQ. Using system defaults.\n"
+ "Error parsing *roff command from command line.\n"
+ "Unrecognized line in config file (ignored)\n%s\n"
+ "man-config.c: internal error: string %s not found\n"
+ "found man directory %s\n"
+ "found manpath map %s --> %s\n"
+ "corresponding catdir is %s\n"
+ "Line too long in config file\n"
+ "\nsection: %s\n"
+ "unlinked %s\n"
+ "globbing %s\n"
+ "Attempt [%s] to expand man page failed\n"
+ "Cannot open man page %s\n"
+ "Error reading man page %s\n"
+ "found eqn(1) directive\n"
+ "found grap(1) directive\n"
+ "found pic(1) directive\n"
+ "found tbl(1) directive\n"
+ "found vgrind(1) directive\n"
+ "found refer(1) directive\n"
+ "parsing directive from command line\n"
+ "parsing directive from file %s\n"
+ "parsing directive from environment\n"
+ "using default preprocessor sequence\n"
+ "Formatting page, please wait...\n"
+ "changed mode of %s to %o\n"
+ "Couldn't open %s for writing.\n"
+ "will try to write %s if needed\n"
+ "status from is_newer() = %d\n"
+ "trying section %s\n"
+ "\nsearching in %s\n"
+ "but %s is already in the manpath\n"
+ "Warning: cannot stat file %s!\n"
+ "Warning: %s isn't a directory!\n"
+ "adding %s to manpath\n"
+ "\npath directory %s "
+ "is in the config file\n"
+ "is not in the config file\n"
+ "but there is a man directory nearby\n"
+ "and we found no man directory nearby\n"
+ "\nadding mandatory man directories\n\n"
+ "cat_name in convert_to_cat () is: %s\n"
+ "\nnot executing command:\n %s\n"
+ "usage: %s [-adfhktwW] [section] [-M path] [-P pager] [-S list]\n\t"
+ "[-m system] "
+ "[-p string] name ...\n\n"
+ " a : find all matching entries\n\
+ c : do not use cat file\n\
+ d : print gobs of debugging information\n\
+ D : as for -d, but also display the pages\n\
+ f : same as whatis(1)\n\
+ h : print this help message\n\
+ k : same as apropos(1)\n\
+ K : search for a string in all pages\n"
+ " t : use troff to format pages for printing\n"
+ "\
+ w : print location of man page(s) that would be displayed\n\
+ (if no name given: print directories that would be searched)\n\
+ W : as for -w, but display filenames only\n\n\
+ C file : use `file' as configuration file\n\
+ M path : set search path for manual pages to `path'\n\
+ P pager : use program `pager' to display pages\n\
+ S list : colon separated section list\n"
+ " m system : search for alternate system's man pages\n"
+ " p string : string tells which preprocessors to run\n\
+ e - [n]eqn(1) p - pic(1) t - tbl(1)\n\
+ g - grap(1) r - refer(1) v - vgrind(1)\n"
+ "and the real user cannot open the cat file either\n"
+ "but the real user can open the cat file\n"
+ "failed to fork off the command _%s_\n"
+ "error while waiting for child _%s_\n"
+ "very strange ..., got wrong pid while waiting for my child\n"
+ "fatal error: the command _%s_ terminated abnormally\n"
+ "Man page %s is identical to %s\n"
+ "Found the man page(s):\n"
+ "error: no TROFF command specified in %s\n"
+ "no cat page stored because of nonstandard line length\n"
+ "\nusing %s as browser\n"
+ "\nusing %s to dump HTML pages as text\n"
+ "manfile_from_sec_and_dir() found %s\n"
+ "manfile_from_sec_and_dir(dir=%s, sec=%s, name=%s, flags=0x%0x)\n"
+ "glob_for_file(dir=%s, sec=%s, name=%s, type=0x%0x, ...)\n"
+ "glob_for_file found no matches.\n"
+ "glob_for_file returns %s.\n"
+ "glob_for_file_ext_glob(dir=%s, sec=%s, name=%s, ext=%s, hpx=%s, glob=%d, type=0x%0x);\n"
+ "glob_for_file_ext_glob will expand %s\n"