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+There are still many problems with man2html.
+Partly these are caused by the imprecise definition
+of the man file format. (And the many buggy man pages.)
+Partly by the incomplete implementation of the man/doc macro packages.
+Partly by the imperfect emulation of troff.
+Partly by the variation between various browsers in the
+accepted html.
+Partly just because man2html is buggy.
+Of course in reality a man2html converter must contain
+large parts of the troff source, so that it can be fed
+with the defining macro packages and always do the right thing.
+On a RedHat 5.0 system:
+- /usr/man/mann/DirDlg.n is not formatted correctly.
+ (It does not start with .TH)
+- <i>bug_readline</i>@<i></i> does not generate
+ a mailto: link. It should generate
+ <a href=">
+ <i>bug_readline</i>@<i></i>
+ </a>
+ but this requires parsing of the surrounding html markup.
+ Easy, but not done yet.
+- Some manpages generate bad whatis information
+ [where the name in the whatis line is not the filename of the man page].
+ (E.g., tc589_cs.4, auto.master.5, pcmcia.5, proc.5 and autofs.8
+ generate whatis lines
+ 3c589_cs (4) - 3Com 3c589 Etherlink III device driver
+ /etc/auto.master (5) - Master Map for automounter
+ /etc/init.d/rc.d/autofs (8) - Control Script for automounter
+ /etc/pcmcia/config (5) - PCMCIA card configuration database
+ /proc (5) - process information pseudo-filesystem
+ )
+ As a consequence, the corresponding manwhatis links are bad.
+- Some manpages have bad .so information.
+ (E.g., TIFFScanlineSize.3t contains .so TIFFsize.3t
+ instead of .so man3/TIFFsize.3t .)
+ This also confuses whatis, and generates bad links.
+ (But right now these happen to work.)
+Of course, patches are welcome!