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+man was written by John Eaton (
+He does not maintain man anymore - please do not bother
+him with remarks about the current version, which is
+rather different from the original one.
+man-1.2 was released by Zeyd M. Ben-Halim (
+man-1.3, man-1.4* and man-1.5* were released by Andries Brouwer (
+In man-1.5 Richard Verhoeven's man2html was added, together with
+some scripts by Michael Hamilton.
+man-1.6 and versions following were released by Federico Lucifredi (
+In man-1.6 Eric S. Raymond's browser-handoff functionality was added, with
+future minor versions planned to cleanup internationalization and cross
+platform support (Cygwin, solaris, and perhaps Win32). A bugfixing campaign
+is currently underway.
+The current maintainer is Federico Lucifredi (
+The current version can usually be found at
+a backup distribution site is located at
+releases are also posted to the Metalab site regularly.
+Feedback from distribution packagers is very appreciated. Patches welcome!
+Man versions are codenamed for bats, starting with 1.6e.
+Development releases have an 'RC-' suffix followed by the release
+candidate number. Versions released under the 'RC' label are not
+to be included in stable distributions (and indeed no one has been
+to date - do not be the first to goof up!).
+There is a very different man program, also derived from
+John Eaton's original version (by Graeme W. Wilford)
+distributed under the name man_db, with version numbers
+like man_db-2.3.10. Do not confuse the two, they are
+mutually incompatible, although they perform nearly the same job.