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+Title: man
+Version: 1.6g
+Entered-date: 2010-12-31
+Description: * man is a man pager. It has support for compressed
+ pages (both man pages and cat pages), and for locale
+ ($LANG) and for message catalogs ($LC_MESSAGES). It
+ will format files given explicitly (man ./
+ It conforms to FSSTND or FHS, and handles stray cats.
+ * man2html is a utility that converts man pages to html
+ * hman is a man browser that uses your favorite browser.
+ For use with lynx, no http daemon is required.
+ Keywords: man manpath apropos whatis makewhatis
+ man.conf man2html man2dvi hman manual pager browser
+ keyword search
+Keywords: man, man2html, hman, whatis, apropos, man2dvi
+Author: John Eaton, Richard Verhoeven, Michael Hamilton,
+ Andries Brouwer, Federico lucifredi (
+Maintained-by: Federico Lucifredi (
+ 251k man-1.6g.tar.gz
+ 1378 man-1.6g.lsm
+Copying-policy: Copyright by authors. Distributable under GPL.