Re: using cygnal with shem

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Author: Kaz Kylheku
To: Drake, Richard R
CC: cygnal
Subject: Re: using cygnal with shem

Hi Drake,

Hmm; if we are talking about the System V IPC stuff like shmat, I don't have experience with it on Cygwin.

The Cygwin "Implementation Notes" say this:

The XSI IPC functions semctl, semget, semop, shmat, shmctl, shmdt, shmget, msgctl, msgget, msgrcv and msgsnd are only available when cygserver is running.

Bundling cygserver wtih Cygnal, if that's what it takes, is not out of the question; I just haven't tried it, so I don't know exactly what is involved; I don't know the licensing ramifications either. (If an application which uses Cygwin DLL's requires cygserver, is it still LGPL? Probably.)

Another important thing to consider is whether a cygserver bundled with your Cygnal program would conflict with a Cygwin user's existing cygserver.

On 14.10.2016 15:03, Drake, Richard R wrote:

Cygnal is a really neat concept!  Does it work with applications that want to use shared memory (shmem)?