Re: ADA MP1 High Voltage FozTone transformer

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Author: Kaz Kylheku
To: mmrbiz
CC: ada-mp1
Subject: Re: ADA MP1 High Voltage FozTone transformer

Hi Rob,

That is fantastic! It is also of use to those who replace a whole bunch of op-amps on the main board with ones that have higher current draw.

On 06.09.2016 19:43, wrote:

I designed this last year and is now in production, I have 12 units available. Plate voltage has been stepped up from 190VDC to 240VDC and the 8-10VDC heaters are now 12.6VDC. Its about 28.6-30VA making it more than twice the power of the original and the MDRT and Mercury Magnetics Transformer.
This lowers noise, expands the headroom and clarity and adds some edge to the gain characteristics and has a tighter bass response. I designed this because I use several Three Tube Mod boards and the original transformer was not designed to handle (3) 12AX7s. I have 12 available. I am Not Affiliated with ADADEPOT.
lets chat soon and I can explain more details.
Robb Fosnot