RE: Volume drop on chorus.

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Author: Kaz Kylheku
To: Darrall Dougherty
CC: ada-mp1
Subject: RE: Volume drop on chorus.
On Fri, 18 Jan 2013 13:52:30 -0600, Darrall Dougherty
<darralld@???> wrote:
> Can you post pictures and info on what you did with your trimpots?

Hi Darall, sure thing!

By the way, would you mind sending postings to <ada-mp1@???>
rather than to me personally? Thanks.

I have a couple of old pictures of some initial work on my OD1
trimpot mod. (Attached.)

The only difference is that I tightly braided the three wires,
and mounted the pot so that it protrudes from the left side
of the unit. In a rack, you can reach the pot from the back,
or if you have space around the unit by reaching in from
the front.

You can see in the pic how I removed OD1 and replaced it
with hookup wires going to an external pot. Also, a copper
jumper replaces a resistor. IIRC, I did that so that the
gain can be turned down lower.

The original pot is 20K, if I recall. I think a 100K replacement
is more than enough for better gain, but I have
a 500K pot.

I don't play with this pot much. It calibrates the unit
if you change guitars or play with your pickup height.
You can get the same amount of gain whether you have
an axe with "vintage" passive pickups,
high output passives, or actives. No editing of presets:
just turn a knob!

Next time I have the unit open, I will post up-to-date
pictures of this.