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NOTE: This project is currently hosted on the GNU project's Savannah site. The source code is in a git repository. It's amazing: people have continued to find and use this library, even though for so many years it appeared to have dropped off from the face of the earth!

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Kazlib is a collection of program modules portably written in ANSI C. There is a dictionary module based on red-black trees, an extendible hashing module, and a system for emulating exception handling.

Modules from Kazlib have come to be used in many programs and libraries. Here are some of them:

For years now the NIST Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures (DADS) has referred to Kazlib under its entries for linked list, hash table and red-black tree. (Note: this is not currently the case since this site had been out of existence for so long!)

The authors of the academic paper Design and Implementation of a High-Performance Distributed Web Crawler write about the use of the hashing module from Kazlib in their implementation.

You can surf the documentation which is generated from a slightly modified version of the LaTeX source using LaTeX2html. Note that this is a currently link to the Way Back Machine's archive You will find that rather than being written as a programming manual, the documentation is actually written in the form of a standard which tries to capture a precise interface contract between a Kazlib implementor and the programmer. Caution: the online documentation is not kept up to date, and may not quite match the latest version.

These are the historic releases of Kazlib:

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