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Author: Kaz Kylheku
To: TXR Users
Subject: Re: 274 prerelease

Hi all,

Commit c914063fd0eb8c02d8362b86a61933c656a938bc is available for testing, with a view toward releasing 274.

The draft release notes are below. They are getting a little long; it's probably time to call this 274.


  - Configure/Build:
    - 'make clean-c" now cleans the C object files without removing .tlo files.
      - complementary to "make clean-tlo".
    - experimental, not tested support for configuring 64 bit time_t on
      32 bit Glibc.
    - CPPFLAGS (C preprocessor flags) variable noticed and used now.
    - TXR now supports building with -fsanitize=undefined option.
      - you must specify it yourself via platform-flags, etc.
      - configure detects it and puts #define HAVE_UBSAN 1 into config.h

  - FFI:
    - new feature: enumed bitfield type combination now works.

  - Doc:
    - numerous documentation fixes.

  - Lib:
    - cptr-int: allow full unsigned range, so pointers can be specified
      as unsigned integers, or using negative signed values also.
    - New copy-cptr function; copy copies cptr objects.
    - New nandf and norf functions.
    - New function random-sample for one-pass reservoir sampling of a sequence.
    - load: supports catenated .tlo files now
    - cat-files: new function for catenating files, like POSIX cat.

  - Getopts:
    - various improvements.
    - opt-help function/method split up into several.

  - Macros:
    - New etypecase macro.
    - New nand and nor macros and functions.

  - Compiler:
    - new optimizations.

  - TXR Pattern Language:
    - new function match-fboundp for testing whether a symbol has a binding
      as a pattern function.

  - Expander:
    - new @,expr hack: quasiquote generates (sys:var ...) or (sys:expr ...)
      based on type of substituted value.
    - macro-time is no longer a special operator, but a macro.

  - Listener:
    - Hack: Ctrl-V Ctrl-J now inserts CR (i.e. new line in multiline mode) rather than a LF.
      - Good for people used to inserting line breaks in GNU Readline.
    - Improvement in method completion.

  - getopts:
    - Numerous improvements, mainly in area of help generation.


  - TXR Pattern Language:
    - bug fixed in @(freeform)
    - involves bugfix in lazy-str-get-trailing-list function.
    - filtering now throws when there is an invalid filter,
      due to a fix in the filter-string-tree function.

  - Parser:
    - bug: carriage returns in JSON not tolerated.

  - Configure/Build
    - fixed broken file offset bits detection, resulting in no large
      file support on 32 bit Glibc platforms (regression since 244).
    - fixed broken syntax in unwind.h causing build to break if
      CONFIG_DEBUG_SUPORT disabled.

  - Macros:
    - sum-each, mul-each: handle no vars case.
    - typecase: return nil from formless clauses.
    - fix broken :key parameters.

  - Lib:
    - carray: allow t and floating 0 in sub and replace.
    - carray-replace: two overrun bugs.
    - separate: wrong return value when seq is nil.
    - time structure: added missing wday and yday slots.

  - Listener:
    - bug handling comments in plain mode.
    - issue handling Ctrl-C in plain mode.

  - Structural Pattern Matching:
    - quasiliteral match wrongly allowing loose prefix matching.
    - `@{nil #/regex/}` wrongly throwing exception.

  - Command Line:
    - -Dvar now binds var to empty string rather than t.
      - this t was some thing inadvertently introduced in 2014.
    - -Dvar=foo=bar (value containing equal sign) works.
    - -Dx,y,z now diagnosed.

  - Vim Syntax Files:
    - improvement in handling multi-line string literals.

  - Search trees:
    - fixed two array underruns found by ubsan.
    - both situations work reliably by fluke in unfixed code due the memory
      cell below the array reliably being zero bits.

  - PRNG:
    - undefined behavior (32 bit shift of 32 bit value) in random function.

  - Autoload:

  - General:
    - numerous numeric conversion issues identified by ubsan were
      addressed in various places in the code base.
    - Missing autoload for *in-compilation-unit* caused loading problem for
      compiled code making use of with-compilation-unit.