Argh, those spams!

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Author: Kaz Kylheku
To: ADA MP-1 List
Subject: Argh, those spams!
Hi all,

Over the past few months, he mailing list has been hit with several
bouts of
spam. It looks like the same people; they keep changing their IP address
and domain name. Before long, they get listed in anti-spam databases,
before that happens, they are able to do some damage. Then they find new
hosting and the cycle repeats itself.

For the time being, I'm turning on "emergency moderation" in the mailing
settings, which means that every single item posted to the mailing list
requires my approval.

In the meanwhile, I will think of a better counter-measure to protect
the mailing lists.


- Allow only mailing list members to post. I don't like this; it creates
an entry barrier, and turns away casual users who just want to pop
some kind of question without going through a registration process.

- Turn the mailing list alias into a moving target. So that is to say,
the "ada-mp1@???" name can be disabled, or subject to stronger
filtering. Liberal posting without membership restriction can be
allowed through some alias like "ada-mp1-1234@???" or whatever
which changes regularly and is only mentioned on the web page.

- ???

Cheers ...