Re: ADA MP1 transformer.

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Author: Kaz Kylheku
To: ada-mp1
Subject: Re: ADA MP1 transformer.

Alas, I completely overlooked that since you're in the UK, of course you need a trafo that runs on 230V!

Robb didn't mention the input voltages that are supported; I'm guessing that his units might just be for the North American 110V household line voltage.

Also, note that Robb's transformers have modified parameters: they supply more voltage to the tube heaters, and also to the tube plates.  That's going to change the characteristics (almost certainly in good ways that guitarists will like).

On 10.05.2017 10:55, Robert Tedaldi wrote:

I have an ADA MP1 and the transformer is gone.
How much do you want for one as I see you have some from your website.
Also delivered to UK London SM4 4EX.
Many Thanks,