ADA-MP1 , Issue

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Author: Christian Tremblay
Subject: ADA-MP1 , Issue
I unplug the unit , I INSTALLed the new UPDATED to V2.01 ROM / FIRMWARE (Chip) I pluged it again and I boot it.
At the first view everything looked fine, play the preset # 1 play very good but when I tried to change the gain it say it is lock so I tried the procedure to unlock it and I have a message telling me unlock faild so I tried an another preset and it say the samething. I can't modified
anything.....  '' is the battery maybe the problem?  Because I change the battery..
 so what am-I doing wrong!

 Hi Christian,
 Are you still having this problem? Can you describe exactly what is
 wrong, step by step?

 Are you not able to save presets? NO!
 Does the problem go away if you pop in the old ROM? What version ROM was
 in there before?
 For version 2.x ROMs, refer to the "Version 2" manual. There are
 additional features in there. I don' t have an exact list of
 I'm not aware of any "lock" feature. There is a a "Memory Protect"
 on/off (Store; Bank + 8), but that is for MIDI; you must have protect
 off in order to restore presets over MIDI.
Thank you!
Christian T