Re: Headphone Jack

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Author: Kaz Kylheku
To: ada-mp1
Subject: Re: Headphone Jack
On 20.09.2013 13:04, Darrall Dougherty wrote:
> Anyone know what part number will work for a replacement?

Hi Darrall,

Are you looking to replace it with an exact, PCB-mounted part which fits
the footprint and is dimensioned right to go through the panel hole?

Instead of that, probably the easiest thing is to find some Switchcraft
or Neutrik unit with the right features which fits physically, and
connect it to the circuit board with hookup wires.

I'm looking at the Jacks schematic:

From that it looks like it's just the simplest possible stereo jack,
with only three terminals.

What's wrong with the existing one? Maybe it can be revived with some
cleaning and lubrication, and reflowing of its solder joints?