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Author: Kaz Kylheku
To: Darrall Dougherty
CC: ada-mp1
Subject: Re: Effects Loop

On Sun, 10 Feb 2013 18:13:03 -0600, Darrall Dougherty
<darralld@???> wrote:
> I've heard that there was an effects loop mod. Wondering if you knew
> what my problem could be?
> I tried to put a chorus pedal in the loop. It made a clean setting
> sound distorted.
> I also tried it between my guitar & input with same results.

Hi Darrall,

Is there any configuration of gear in which that pedal does what it is
supposed to without distorting?

Is it powered by battery or on AC? If battery, is it fresh?

How long have you had that pedal?

If it distorts even between the guitar and input, and the input
is otherwise fine, it points to the pedal itself.
It should not be distorting if you feed it just your guitar
signal. Do you have mega-voltage pickups? If you turn down your
guitar's volume, does the distortion reduce or go away?

Do you have any way to isolate the pedal? For example, can you
record a source through the pedal into your PC's soundcard?
Or any other amplifier which lets you hear it?

The multi-tracking program called Audacity can be used to test
gear. You can generate a test track that contains a sine wave
(or some other waveform), and then record another track while
playing the tone track one out through the chorus pedal and back
into the mic input.

> I've tried a couple different rack effects. But just haven't found
> one that I liked where the delay when changing patches on them was
> acceptable.

Is that still a problem for modern stuff? Sheesh. Haha, I know
what you mean.

> Is there a mod that changes components out to make the effects loop
> receive pedals?

The effects loop takes pedals. It has a nice feature in that you can
set the level through the effects loop without affecting the overall
level. The rear-panel level knob for the effects loop is dual-ganged,
it turns up the pre-loop volume as it turns down the post-loop volume
and vice versa. So the overall volume doesn't change, but the signal
level seen by the effect loop changes.

You can play with that knob to see whether lowering the level helps
the chorus pedal not to distort.

> Or I'm I just setting something up wrong?

The MP-1 effects loop will receive pedals. The MP-1 effects loop
has a nice feature: a dual-ganged volume control pot. When you
turn this pot, the overall level through the effects loop stays the
same. So it can accommodate effect loops that require various
signal levels.