Hi Christian,

Are you still having this problem? Can you describe exactly what is wrong, step by step?

Are you not able to save presets?

Does the problem go away if you pop in the old ROM? What version ROM was in there before?

For version 2.x ROMs, refer to the "Version 2" manual. There are additional features in there. I don' t have an exact list of differences.

I'm not aware of any "lock" feature. There is a a "Memory Protect" on/off (Store; Bank + 8), but that is for MIDI; you must have protect off in order to restore presets over MIDI.

On 09.11.2015 21:54, Christian Tremblay wrote:

 I hope you will be able to help me!
INSTALL UPDATED to V2.01 ROM / FIRMWARE   but after a reboot all presets are lock and I tried to unlock like I USE TO BUT IT DOESN'T WORK SO CAN YOU HELP ME TO UNLOCK IT?


Thank you!
Christian T