Also, take a look at this Switchcraft catalog:

Specifically, starting on P. 79 they have their well-known "zoo" of switch configurations, numbered with roman numerals.

Look at XV.  That looks awfully like the ADA MP-1 effect return jack.

Also look at XIX. That configuration would work also.

These roman numeral designations are used elsewhere in the document to identify jack types (not only 1/4" jacks, mind you).

On 14.01.2014 16:07, Kaz Kylheku wrote:

Hi Anthony,

Firstly, what is wrong with the jack? Maybe it doesn't need replacing.

I don't have experience replacing that particular jack, but here is some general advice:

Check out this puppy: stereo jack, with two SPDT switches: 9 pins!  You'd just use five of these connections. Can't vouch for its audio quality though. Both switches could be wired in parallel to provide redundancy, I suppose.

On 11.01.2014 08:22, anthony.i.lee wrote:

Do you know what effects return jack for the ADA MP1
what is it & where can I get one

Anthony Lee