BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
ephemeral-gc* gc.c (FRESHQ_SIZE): Preprocessor symbol renamed to FRESHOBJ_VEC_SIZE.Kaz Kylheku2 years
float-support* arith.c (expo): New function.Kaz Kylheku2 years
lazy-strings-exposeChangeLog fixup after rebase: move entry out of chronologicalKaz Kylheku11 months
master* stream.c (get_line, get_char, get_byte): Fix outdated, incorrectKaz Kylheku3 days
regex-tokens* regex.c (regex_space_chars): Variable removed.Kaz Kylheku24 months
TagDownloadAuthorAge  txr-88.tar.gz  txr-88.tar.bz2  Kaz Kylheku13 days  list.tar.gz  list.tar.bz2  Kaz Kylheku3 weeks  wip2.tar.gz  wip2.tar.bz2  Kaz Kylheku3 weeks  txr-87.tar.gz  txr-87.tar.bz2  Kaz Kylheku4 weeks  txr-86.tar.gz  txr-86.tar.bz2  Kaz Kylheku5 weeks  txr-85.tar.gz  txr-85.tar.bz2  Kaz Kylheku6 weeks  txr-84.tar.gz  txr-84.tar.bz2  Kaz Kylheku6 weeks  txr-83.tar.gz  txr-83.tar.bz2  Kaz Kylheku7 weeks  txr-82.tar.gz  txr-82.tar.bz2  Kaz Kylheku7 weeks  txr-81.tar.gz  txr-81.tar.bz2  Kaz Kylheku7 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
3 days* stream.c (get_line, get_char, get_byte): Fix outdated, incorrectHEADmasterKaz Kylheku2-6/+8
4 days* eval.c, gc.c, rand.c, regex.c, signal.c: Remove inclusion of unneededKaz Kylheku6-6/+5
6 days* eval.c (make_var_shadowing_env): Remove unnecessary test forKaz Kylheku2-8/+9
10 days* eval.c (rangev_func, range_star_v_func): Use numericKaz Kylheku2-3/+8
10 days* lib.c (eql): Bugfix: not handling floating-point types!Kaz Kylheku2-5/+19
11 daysUpdate year in --help message.Kaz Kylheku1-1/+1
13 daysVersion 88txr-88Kaz Kylheku6-25/+79
2014-03-30* gc.c (CHECKOBJ_VEC_SIZE, FRESHOBJ_VEC_SIZE): IncreaseKaz Kylheku2-2/+8
2014-03-30* HACKING: Updating generational GC notes in light of changes.Kaz Kylheku2-34/+47
2014-03-30Change to how locations are passed around, for the sake of generationalKaz Kylheku19-348/+476