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+<TITLE>Manual Pages - Text Search</TITLE>
+<!-- Changed by: Michael Hamilton, 6-Apr-1996 -->
+<!-- Note: this is not html, but requires preprocessing -->
+<H1>Manual Pages - Text Search</H1>
+<A HREF="%cg/man2html">Return to Main Contents</A>
+%lynx <i>Start a query</i> by typing an s.
+ <LI><TT>pwd;directory</TT> - Find both in the same man page.
+ <LI><TT>pwd,directory</TT> - Find either.
+ <LI><TT>pwd directory</TT> - Find the exact phrase.
+ <LI><TT>-F 1 pwd</TT> - Look in section 1 only.
+ <LI><TT>-B glipmse</TT> - Find the best match (allow for misspelling).
+ <LI><TT>-L 0:10 pwd</TT> - Only show the first 10 man pages matched.
+The index uses the <I>Glimpse</I>
+(<A HREF="%cg/man2html?1+glimpse">glimpse(1)</A>)
+text indexing system. Many of the glimpse
+options, regular expressions, and wildcards are valid:
+see the <A HREF="%cg/mansearchhelp">help page</A> for a summary.
+was developed by Udi Manber and Burra Gopal of the University of
+Arizona, and Sun Wu of the National Chung-Cheng University, Taiwan.
+You may contact the authors at <A HREF=""></A>
+The Manual Page text search interface was created for Linux by
+<A HREF="">
+Michael Hamilton</A>.