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+<TITLE>Manual Pages - Main Contents</TITLE>
+<!-- Note: this is not html, but requires preprocessing -->
+<!-- It is used by /home/httpd/cgi-bin/man/man2html -->
+<H1>Manual Pages - Main Contents</H1>
+<H2>Name and Section lookup</H2>
+%lynx <i>Start a query</i> by typing an s.
+You can enter a program name, possibly preceded by the section,
+the directories to search (with -M) or a full name.
+For example:
+ <LI><TT>find</TT>
+ <LI><TT>1 find</TT>
+ <LI><TT>-M /usr/man:/usr/X11R6/man:/usr/lib/perl5/man find</TT>
+ <LI><TT>/local/gcc/man/man1/gperf.1</TT>
+<H2>Index of pages by name and description</H2>
+ <A HREF="%cg/manwhatis?%cg+1">1. User Commands</A>;
+ <A HREF="%cg/manwhatis?%cg+2">2. System Calls</A>;
+ <A HREF="%cg/manwhatis?%cg+3">3. Library Functions</A>;
+ <A HREF="%cg/manwhatis?%cg+4">4. Special Files</A>;
+ <A HREF="%cg/manwhatis?%cg+5">5. File Formats</A>;
+ <A HREF="%cg/manwhatis?%cg+6">6. Games</A>;
+ <A HREF="%cg/manwhatis?%cg+7">7. Miscellany</A>;
+ <A HREF="%cg/manwhatis?%cg+8">8. Administration and Privileged Commands</A>;
+ <A HREF="%cg/manwhatis?%cg+l">l. Postgresql Commands</A>;
+ <A HREF="%cg/manwhatis?%cg+n">n. Tcl Commands</A>.
+<H2>Index of pages by name only</H2>
+ <A HREF="%cg/mansec?%cg+1">1. User Commands</A>;
+ <A HREF="%cg/mansec?%cg+2">2. System Calls</A>;
+ <A HREF="%cg/mansec?%cg+3">3. Library Functions</A>;
+ <A HREF="%cg/mansec?%cg+4">4. Special Files</A>;
+ <A HREF="%cg/mansec?%cg+5">5. File Formats</A>;
+ <A HREF="%cg/mansec?%cg+6">6. Games</A>;
+ <A HREF="%cg/mansec?%cg+7">7. Miscellany</A>;
+ <A HREF="%cg/mansec?%cg+8">8. Administration and Privileged Commands</A>;
+ <A HREF="%cg/mansec?%cg+l">l. Postgresql Commands</A>;
+ <A HREF="%cg/mansec?%cg+n">n. Tcl Commands</A>;
+ <A HREF="%cg/mansec?%cg+all">All Sections</A>.
+<H2>Manual Pages full text search</H2>
+<A HREF="%cg/mansearch">
+Search the full text of the Manual Pages.
+The original man2html program and scripts are due to
+<A HREF="">
+Richard Verhoeven</A> and
+<A HREF="">
+Michael Hamilton</A>.
+This version is from man-1.6g maintained by <A HREF="">
+Federico Lucifredi</A>.